Texas is home to an immense veteran population, with close to two million underserved veterans.  Veterans often suffer a variety of legal issues specifically stemming from their service to our country.  When these legal issues go unresolved, the results are often dire, including homelessness or even suicide.  Veterans need legal counsel with knowledge of a very specific set of federal laws, regulations, and entities, as well as a keen eye for issues commonly faced by this invisible population.  Only legal counsel with this kind of knowledge can obtain fair results for veterans, and those results are life changing for veterans and their dependents.  

Unfortunately, there is a severe shortage of legal professionals who are uniquely skilled to assist veterans.  The leaders of the Veterans Legal Foundation have volunteered with other veterans’ legal organizations.  Although the professionals that volunteer at these organizations are good-hearted and mean well in serving a noble cause, many of the practitioners never served in the military. As a result, they are unfamiliar with the specific issues veterans face, or how to assist them appropriately.  

Veterans Legal Foundation endeavors to provide the best pro bono legal representation to military veterans and their dependents. Veterans Legal Foundation will also promote legislative initiatives that focus solely on issues that positively impact Veterans and their dependents.