Board of Directors:

DonMichael BarbourChief Executive Officer/Director

DonMichael has developed an extensive network of colleagues after practicing for fourteen years as a lawyer. He served a total of 20 years in the Army, joining in 1995 and finally retiring in 2015.  While in the Army he served in many different capacities.  For the first half of his career he served as an enlisted Soldier in the field artillery, a civil affairs unit, and later a cadet.  For the latter part of his Army career he served as a Judge Advocate Officer (Army Lawyer), where he worked in a myriad of various legal jobs to include: senior defense counsel, chief prosecutor, administrative lawyer, operational law officer, legal assistance officer, etc., etc… Upon retirement from the Army, he immediately began working as an Assistant District Attorney in Dallas Texas where he ultimately served as a felony attorney in the Specialized Crime Division of the District Attorney’s Office in Dallas County. Since then he has been representing veterans and assisting them with issues they face.

Andie BarbourChief Financial Officer/Director

Upon Graduation from Harvard Law school, Andie has accumulated a wealth of professional experience uniquely suited to assist veterans and their issues. In addition to overseeing the financial aspects of the firm, she is a voting member on the Board of Directors. She served 7 years in the Army as a Judge Advocate. She served in Afghanistan and is a recipient of many decorations, to include the Bronze Star.

Jeremy TowalChief Operations Officer/Director

Master of Business Administration Candidate 2020

Jeremy Towal enlisted in the U.S. Army in December of 2003 and served as a Paralegal Noncommissioned Officer in the Judge Advocate General Corps until August of 2018.

Jeremy  attended Basic Leader Course (formerly Primary Leadership Develop Course), Advanced Leader Course (formerly Basic Noncommissioned Officer Course), and Senior Leader Course (formerly Advance Noncommissioned Officer Course).  The Advanced and Senior Leader Courses were conducted at Judge Advocate General’s Leadership Center and School which is collocated with / at the University of Virginia Law School in Charlottesville, Virginia and focused basic soldier skills, leading soldiers in a combat environment, advanced legal skills, and leading / teaching paralegal soldiers.

he has significant experience in family law, landlord tenant law, criminal law (prosecution and defense), administrative law, legislative law, and many other areas.

Jeremy has served for a total of nine years in overseas assignments and is an Iraq War veteran.

Mark Lassiter- Director

Mark served over ten years in various capacities as a Military Officer. Since his Honorable Discharge, he has built a very successful private practice vigorously defending rights and is dedicated to helping raise the standard of care for veteran legal representation.

Nichole StahlDirector

Nichole is currently a U.S. Army Reserve Judge Advocate, appointed as an Administrative Law Attorney for AFRICOM. Because of her service, she only currently serves in an advisory capacity and is a voting member of the Board of Directors. Nichole has served as an International Legal Advisor and BJA (in-house) for the 321ST Civil Affairs Brigade, by providing advice to top level decision makers in multidisciplinary practice areas. Additionally, Nichole has served as Legal Assistance Attorney in 1ST and 91ST Legal Operations Detachment, by providing advice to clients in family law, wills and estates, consumer law, contract law, and landlord-tenant issues. Skilled attorney and legal advisor. Furthermore, she has provided in depth advice on health care law, Veterans’ Affairs law, and disability law as well as represented defendants at administrative hearings and before administrative boards.